How many movies have been made just to show different sides of gambling? There’s far too many. From poker games to movies showcasing roulette, and even sports betting. You probably never heard some of them, but it is a certain fact that some movies have made it big as far as the Golden Globes and the Oscars. As gambling is a living industry until this day, let us find out why filmmakers and viewers continue to patronize films about gambling. Here are the five most common elements you will find among online gambling movies.

Debts and loans.

Most gambling movies revolve around this certain element. Gambling is often seen as one booster when it comes to earning money. Often branded as the ‘easy way’ to get rich (although we know the chances here are actually low in real life). Movies like The Gambler (2014), 21 (2018), and Bookies (2003) used loans and debts as one of their main points in the stories. Although this could draw people into a notion that gambling is a messiah in the making, it could also put people into awareness that gambling is more than a shortcut to success.

Spark of hope.

In relation to the first element, movies about gambling also carry the touch of faith and holding on. The film Seabiscuit (2003) is actually based on real-life events which manifested how is it like to put your faith into something – like betting on a race and believing in your own bet.

The rise to fame.

Commonly viewed as the shortcut to fame and money, gambling movies take a different side on how to showcase it perfectly. The Cincinnati Kid (1965) shows the process of getting yourself familiar with gambling, and eventually setting your reign. During their fame, some of them get caught cheating in casino.

The underground and the high class.

We know this is probably the most common element, as gambling movies have ventured to portray the industry in many ways as possible. From the grandiosity of high-class hotels and casinos to the closeted secrets of underground gambling, both of them are present. Fear and Loathing in Vegas (1998) is one of the best examples.


As the movie plot starts to unravel and viewers move into the falling action, the most important element of all gambling movies is how to redeem yourself after the rush. It could either be saving yourself from loans (the reason why most characters start to involve themselves with gambling) or from addiction (in which there are also movies which portrayed problem gamblers). Either way, this element has to be remembered as this is best applicable in life.

Films about gambling nowadays carry much more than those elements, these are just the common few. Many carry circumstantial and vital messages, while some just want to show the fun side out of it. But we know that the common goal is for the viewers to learn something – no matter how light or big – from the industry.


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