Have you ever imagined yourself looking merely at a Ferris wheel in the circus and gaze at the beautiful colors embodying it? That in every change of phase it takes you, you are always amazed by its beauty? That is exactly the same as how I look at a ROULETTE WHEEL. It is filled with colors and enthusiasm as well.

How do we even classify activities whether it is gambling or not? Well, basically when one gambles, that person is actually risking something of value of something valuable just for the hopes of what is the possibility which might give you an ultimate gain. This is much more than the bet you give. Any game or business enterprise can be legally classified as gambling if one’s skill does not predominate over luck and chance. This would simply mean that roulette wheel is one kind of gambling because luck and chance dominate the whole activity.

Talking about the game, roulette wheel, it is actually played simply with fewer skills needed. It is actually a game of chance, a game of infinite chances where anyone could openly participate. It is actually a spinning wheel with which have 37 or 38 number pockets. A ball is then put in it and as players; all you have to do is guess as to what and where the ball lands in, to what specific number in the wheel.

There could be so many possible outcomes. Chances would be you’ll have the least chance of guessing where the ball lands. It is undeniably and unambiguously classified as gambles when one plays it because of the money and gain.

It is a different story when a player plays roulette wheel for fun only. In such, you wouldn’t mind how much you’ve lost or money you’ve spent for nothing. When you’re solely after for happiness and entertainment, you set aside money from it.

Thus, this game is filled with chances. Chances that could make you happy or chances that could benefit others because of your bet. After all, I say that even if you lose, you make sure you’ve enjoyed yourself. That is the great essence of it.